Tai Chi Chuan

Thursday evenings 19.30-22.00
19:30 – 21.00 General Class
21.00 – 22.00 Weapons Practice

Email: enquiries@westlothian-taichi.club
Telephone: John, 07399 581676

Website: https://www.westlothian-taichi.club/

Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese form of exercise derived from Taoism, one of China's oldest belief systems. The practice of Tai Chi Chuan is beneficial to health and it is also a subtle, sophisticated and scientific method of self-defence.

A typical class is split into four half-hour sections:-

Pushing hands: This is training with a partner in a number of set patterns that develop balance, flexibility, sensitivity and coordination. It also teaches how to deflect an attack with minimum force.

Hand Form: This is what everyone will recognise as Tai Chi. A sequence of slow graceful movements. The hand form is designed both as an exercise and a recipe book of self-defence techniques.

Self-Defence: applications from the hand form, more competitive forms of pushing hands or learning weapon forms (sword, sabre & spear).

The last section is for more advanced students and we cover weapon forms including weapon applications and sparring.

John Bunyan is an enthusiastic instructor with a wealth of knowledge and over thirty years experience. There are also three other instructors who regularly attend class.

We welcome students at all levels from beginners to advanced, to our friendly class. Please see our website for further information. https://www.westlothian-taichi.club/

£3 for under 16s
£5 introductory session

£30 block booking for month - paid into club bank account prior to the first Thursday of each month 
£8 drop-in fee

Concessions (student/pensioner)
£20 block booking for month  
£6 drop-in fee