Before the doors had even officially opened it was clear – this was going to be a good night in Bridgehouse. The Hall seemed to have a little bit more sparkle and there was a buzz in the air (which couldn’t be coming from the PA system as it had recently been replaced thanks to a grant from WL Council). Folks were arriving early with the aim of ‘bagging’ the best table and a call soon went out for more chairs. We’d sold out (again)!

Paul and George got the evening off to a great start and, not for the first time, we were thankful that these two talented musicians had somehow found their way to Bridgehouse and fallen under the spell of ‘oor wee hall’.

Excitement was mounting and expectations were high – so full advantage was taken of this euphoria and many raffle tickets were sold.

From the moment Michael Cassidy stepped onto the stage accompanied by Connor Smith he held the audience in the palm of his hand. There was no disputing why he was the inaugural winner of the Gerry Rafferty song-writing prize. We hung on his every lyric and were in awe of Connor’s understated slide guitar that was both mesmerising and haunting.

Before long it was time for the open mic session, step forward Alan with his tribute to Glenn Frey, and the party had begun. Surprising how lyrics come flooding back after all these years. And another surprise – who knew Campbell was a Space Cowboy (woot woo)? But there was one (or two) we were all waiting for and Jackie did not disappoint. We were stunned by her rendition of She Moved through the Fair and delighted when Graham accompanied her on Martha’s Harbour.

Can’t thank everyone enough for their contributions and support. Great company, great night and over £350 raised towards the general upkeep of ‘oor wee hall’.

(videos of Michael & Connor to follow...)