Rather than me telling you how great our Comedy Night was last week - here's a totally unprompted review from someone else!

Attended yet another great night of entertainment at the Village Hall to see Jim Smith and friends (3 comedians Graeme, Patrick, Jim & 1 magician ) Absolutely fantastic night every act was seriously funny, unique and each act had their own trade mark style. Honestly never laughed so much for years despite seeing some real headliners. The hall is so inviting which clearly Ann, Tom and clearly an army of helpers have worked wonders to make welcoming and comfortable. Graeme from Govan took the stand on a few occasions and was sensational at basically working the audience a real unique talent. Patrick was amazing with his dry humour and Jim Smith (not his stage name) rounded off with humour I think everyone could identify with. The magician ( didn't catch his name but was both wickedly funny but mesmerising too. The whole night was incredible value for money and I've honestly paid a lot more money to laugh less. Thanks you so much to everyone who made it happen!! from S-Liam .....maybe you had to have been there LOL